Final Cut Pro X… All the Old School Apple Fans have been waiting for this release for a while now and really hoped it was going to deliver the goods.

Unfortunately for all the old school fans, it looks like Apple might be preparing to let them down gently. With quotes coming from Apple HQ saying that there is no money in taking care of people who have been using Final Cut Pro, it’s not looking great for people who have spent a lot of time any money in making Final Cut Pro their editing tool of choice.

The release of Final Cut Pro X came with a warning from Apple that the software was not yet ready for Professional use… WTF!! Please do not waste our time Apple.

Most Final Cut users won’t be too bothered with the fact that their older jobs won’t open in FCPX and they will forgive the fact that their plug-ins won’t work… that’s happened before, but if this update doesn’t deliver a product that is better that Final Cut Pro, there are going to be a lot of Apple users heading over to Adobe for a look at Premiere. After all, Premiere works a hell of a lot better with After Effects anyways.

Apple, take care of your Old School users… it’s our kids that are getting into your laptops and ipads… we can get them back onto Android pretty quick if we don’t feel the Apple love we have got used to.