Some of the Best Video Production Melbourne has to offer

Video production is fast becoming one of the most used and powerful marketing tools on the internet.

Everyone knows videos on YouTube are being watched so much it is now a search engine in it’s own right and Facebook is becoming a video intense social network.

Videos have become so much easier to ’embed’ on your […]

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The Impact WordPress Is Having On Website Design

Let’s get it out there first up… Rightside Design uses WordPress. The Rightside Design website uses WordPress. We love it for so many reasons and it has become such an amazingly powerful tool to assist in building websites.

Now that I have said that (last thing I want to do is sound like I am […]

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Finding Graphic Design Inspiration In Melbourne?

I have been running Rightside Design in Melbourne now for about 13 years now. I love working for myself and couldn’t imagine it any other way.

A challenge that most designers who have their own business face is the more you work, the less you design. I seem to be falling into the trap of […]

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The challenges of running a Graphic Design Company in Melbourne

I have always thought that there seemed to be quite a bit of rivalry between Graphic Design companies in Melbourne. I was always keeping ideas and concepts close to my chest as I thought I was one of the people that was having the great ideas that I wasn’t willing to share.

The older I […]

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Caltex Supports Local

We have been working on a print and online campaign for Caltex over the last month. It’s been a fantastic job to be involved in and allows farmers to enter a competition to win fuel and lubricants.
The website to enter the competition is

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Search Engines and Directories

It amazes me how many search engines and directories there out there. It amazes me even more how the information is collected to fill these directories. I have recently been updating listings on a large number of directories and some of the information is prehistoric!

It is also amazing that a directory can tell you […]

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An Updated Website For The Kenneths Group

The Kenneths Group is a proactive chartered accounting and business advisory firm located in Melbourne and Sorrento Victoria.
We recently helped them update their website which gave their online presence a much needed lift.
Check out their new look site at…

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Rightside Design is Moving!

Well it has taken quite a while to find the perfect spot to call home, but we have finally done it.

As of next week (if everything goes smoothly) the RSD Studio will be settling into it’s new location in Bowen Crescent, Melbourne.

The last few weeks we have been overseeing the renovation of the space […]

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The Design & Branding Directory

Rightside Design has made it into the 2011 Design and Branding Directory!

It’s a guide for both marketers and businesses in search of skilled creatives and studios to work with.

The Design & Branding Directory (DBD) will be on newsstands for over 12 months reaching the top 500 marketing professionals (a complimentary copy will be sent […]

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Witricity – Wireless Electricity

Well this looks interesting… WiTricity or Wireless electricity.

There is no doubt that WiTricity would be extremely cool. Just imagine never running out of charge on your iPhone or laptop. The possibilities are endless!!

This all sounds awesome, but what about the safety factor? If there is enough electricity flying through the air to power a […]

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