I have been running Rightside Design in Melbourne now for about 13 years now. I love working for myself and couldn’t imagine it any other way.

A challenge that most designers who have their own business face is the more you work, the less you design. I seem to be falling into the trap of ‘running the business’ rather than ‘doing the designing’. This isn’t a new thing… you hear graphic designers from all over the world having the same issue.

Running a business is fun and all, but you do start to miss the design aspect of the job. This seems to come with a multiplying effect too… the more you ‘run the business’ the less you are influenced by design around you and the less you absorb the creativity of others.

Saying that though, sometimes being a Melbourne based graphic designer has it’s perks. One of those includes going for a walk on a sunny day (after a cold winter). Today is one of those and I decided to take some time out this morning to become a graphic design sponge and absorb the Graphic Design Inspiration in Melbourne!

Taking a different method of transport, having a coffee in hand and a enjoying a leisurely walk into work has put the spring back in my step, opened my eyes to the amazing world that surrounds me and got me excited again to get in and design for my clients.

Whether I am working on a website design, magazine layout, e-booklet or even the day to day paperwork I am definitely the type of person that needs to open my eyes and take in design inspiration to get me through a challenging week in the studio.

I highly recommend making the most of a sunny day and rediscovering Melbourne’s graphic design inspiration… it’s amazing and it’s everywhere!