Don’t know about the rest of you but I am super keen to get my hands on the new iPad 2.

I am even working through the logistics of joining the masses at the Apple Store to get my hands on one of them… doubt that’ll happen though. Maybe I might go to that website where you can employ Uni students to do odd jobs and get them to queue for me. 😉

I recently did some research on the iPad 2. This involved going to YouTube and typing “iPad Fail” into the search. My theory was that this would tell me all the stuff Apple got wrong in the first iPad so I could make sure it was fixed in the next model.

Ends up that this was a really good way to do my homework. I watched a bunch of geeks moan about features that Apple had left off the first iPad and I went back and fourth to the Apple site to make sure it was fixed in the iPad2… very cool indeed.

Anyway, watch this space over the next few months to get my own version of iPad 2 Fail or Success.