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It’s the right-on way to read. And it’s a Rightside Design speciality.

e-booklets make distributing digital marketing materials a snap! Expand your audience and enhance the effectiveness of your brochures, digital books, textbooks, and other educational materials e-booklets support viewing on any device and distributing them via multiple channels, e.g. embedded in your website, sent by email, shared on social networks, and as offline publications.
e-booklets are realistic digital publications that can be viewed on PCs, Macs, iPads, iPhones, and Android devices. e-booklets can be saved to a CD/DVD, shared via email and social networks, and embedded in websites.
Get Rightside Design behind your e-booklet, and the success will write itself.

Want to get a brochure or magazine online but need help designing one first? Whether it’s a brochure for print or web we can help!

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