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Witricity – Wireless Electricity

Well this looks interesting… WiTricity or Wireless electricity.

There is no doubt that WiTricity would be extremely cool. Just imagine never running out of charge on your iPhone or laptop. The possibilities are endless!!

This all sounds awesome, but what about the safety factor? If there is enough electricity flying through the air to power a […]

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Apple… take care of your Old School Fans

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Blog, meet Twitter & Facebook

Well this seems like a pretty neat trick that I would like to get working!

Let’s see if this set up works… apparently if I add a blog to my site it will share it with my Twitter and Facebook accounts.

I think there could be an afternoon of fiddling with settings coming up, but I […]

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V21 Conference, Discovering your Digital DNA

Thanks to Marilyn Awad from Holding Redlich I was lucky enough to attend the V21 Digital Media Conference.
I haven’t been to many conferences like this before and it was amazing to discover that such an established business community like this exists.
There were fantastic presentations during the day that shone a light onto the future […]

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Happy Apple Fools Day

I am so glad that people who love Apple also have a sense of humour.

Playmobil Apple Store Playset is the perfect example. Click the link to watch the video.

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SMS vs. Mobile Data Messaging

Well here is something that I knew about, kind of… but has been put in front of my face again.

I love the introduction of new ways to keep in touch with people and will give anything a go when it comes to messaging etc.

It has been brought to my attention that SMSing has been […]

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iPad 2… Yes Please!!

Don’t know about the rest of you but I am super keen to get my hands on the new iPad 2.

I am even working through the logistics of joining the masses at the Apple Store to get my hands on one of them… doubt that’ll happen though. Maybe I might go to that website […]

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I wish we could host a client’s site on our own server, but…

How awesome would it be to have your own website on a computer in your office and have your clients come straight to it when they want to access your website? No more dealing with hosting companies and forking out hundreds of dollars a year. Sounds perfect, right?

Now imagine being a person that makes […]

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WordPress – Easy or Evil

Being a new user of WordPress we are loving the ability to add new elements to websites, but are we making the work too easy and losing some of the creativity with all these themes?

I guess the next step is to look into creating themes for ourselves and making WP work for us or […]

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