How awesome would it be to have your own website on a computer in your office and have your clients come straight to it when they want to access your website? No more dealing with hosting companies and forking out hundreds of dollars a year. Sounds perfect, right?

Now imagine being a person that makes websites for a living. How unbelievable would it be to host all your client websites on that same computer… imaging the thousands of dollars you would save every year!

Unfortunately it isn’t that simple. It’s not until you actually researching this scenario that you actually start to appreciate what a hosting company does and how unreliable the Australian internet connections are.

In Australia we all have moments where the internet vanishes and we can’t access the web or download our important emails (annoying!). This also effects businesses and all computers in the office. So it makes sense that if you are hosting your own website and the internet goes down your website goes down for anyone who is trying to view it.

Now just imagine if you were hosting 20 client emails and the internet goes down for 1/2/ a day. How many upset clients do you think you’d be hearing from? All of them!!

After putting in the research and looking back at those money hungry hosting companies it dawns on you that they actually provide an awesome service that is super reliable with backups on their backups.

Therefore until internet connections are 100% reliable, we have a server with a mirrored backup server and a generator for when there is a black-out I am happy to pay the very reasonable sum to these hard working hosting companies. Keep up the good work… or else.