I have always thought that there seemed to be quite a bit of rivalry between Graphic Design companies in Melbourne. I was always keeping ideas and concepts close to my chest as I thought I was one of the people that was having the great ideas that I wasn’t willing to share.

The older I get and the more experience I gain in the graphic design industry I am realising that getting in touch with the other graphic design companies in Melbourne and sharing ideas is probably not such a bad idea.

I have recently been reminded of AGDA… The Australian Graphic Design Association. I recall when I was starting out as a young freelance designer the cost of joining an association like this seemed like an expense that really didn’t have benefits that I saw as business building… I think I may have been wrong.

Being able to run ideas past like minded people, listen to other peoples thoughts and find out what is working and not working for them seems like such a great ideas now.

I have also recently heard about small business groups that will meet and discuss all facets of small business life and successes and failures that have been had. It almost seems to good to be true… people getting together to give others great ideas. Back in the day I would have called you crazy for even suggesting that something like this even existed!

I have found running a graphic design studio in Melbourne with no prior experience in managing a business a real challenge, but I am now thinking that it would have been that little bit easier if I had the other graphic design companies that call Melbourne home as part of my network.

All you freelancers out there reading this… Take note (if you haven’t already)!